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Explore the uses cases of long pinky nails, an unique artist’s tool, handy vinyl opener, and a kitchen aid. Explore the everyday applications of coke nails!

9 Things You Can Do With Your Long Pinky Nail

The long pinky nail, often referred to as the ‘coke nail,’ has a storied history and a variety of uses that might surprise the uninitiated. The extended nail has practical uses beyond fashion or nostalgia.

Let’s explore the fascinating and varied things you can do with your long pinky nail!

  • For example; some people have found that a fully grown pinky nail can precisely measure a teaspoon of sugar or spice, making it useful in the kitchen.

But that’s just a small glimpse into the captivating use cases of long pinky nails. Let’s delve deeper into the intriguing and diverse uses of the long pinky nail.

1) Use your pointy, long fingernail as a poker when you roll up a blunt (smoke)

You can leverage your long pinky nail, also known as a “coke nail,” as a practical tool when rolling a cigarette, joint, and even blunt! This unique use extends beyond mere aesthetics or societal status, as often assumed. The elongated nail serves as an efficient poker to help you perfect the role and ensure it disperses the contents evenly for an optimal smoking experience. 

This method is commonly employed among smokers who prefer hand-rolled smokes, adding a level of finesse to the preparation process.

The nail’s rigidity tapered edge makes it an effective tool that’s always at your fingertips. However, it’s essential to maintain cleanliness and hygiene to ensure safe usage.

2) Scratch parts of your ear you never imagined of reaching

Your long pinky nail can provide surprising relief in those hard-to-reach areas, particularly when it comes to scratching parts of your ear that you never imagined reaching.

The curvature matches the folds of your ear, helping to remove buildup or relieve an annoying itch. However, you should be cautious to avoid causing harm to the sensitive inner ear canal.

Much like the use when rolling a smoke, the importance of regular, thorough cleaning cannot be overstated, both for your health and overall hygiene.

Scrape those stubborn pieces of food stuck to the plate when you're washing dishes

3) Scrape those stubborn pieces of food stuck to the plate when you’re washing dishes

Your extended pinky nail, known as a “coke nail,” can be a useful tool for washing dishes. With its long and tapered edge, the nail can easily scrape off stuck-on pieces, making washing up effortless.

Using the coke nail as a scraper eliminates the need for a plastic scraper or brush.

However, it is worth noting that this unconventional use of the nail requires diligent cleaning and care for your nail afterward to maintain hygiene and prevent any potential food-borne diseases.

4) Tapping the side of a glass filled with your favorite beverage mimics a bell sound

An unexpected and charming use of the long pinky nail, or “coke nail,” is to create a bell-like sound by tapping it on the side of a glass containing your favorite beverage.

This unconventional use of the nail is not just an amusing party trick, but also serves a practical purpose. When the nail is struck against glass, its length and hardness generate a chime-like sound that can grab attention in social gatherings or show a toast.

Picture using this one-of-a-kind approach to grab attention in a crowded room and raise a glass to the host or guest of honor.

Be careful not to tap too hard and damage the glass or hurt your finger.

5) Long pinky fingernails are the most organic way to scratch off lottery tickets

Lottery enthusiasts rarely use their long pinky nail, also known as the “coke nail,” to scratch lottery tickets. Little did they know, it’s actually a stroke of good luck!

Like any other use of the long pinky nail, it’s important to regularly clean and maintain it to prevent the accumulation of grime or bacteria

  • This organic scratching tool not only makes the reveal process smoother but also adds an element of personal touch to the total experience.
  • This unorthodox yet engaging use of the “coke nail” reflects the versatility of this often misunderstood aspect of personal grooming.
(Which Celebrities Grew Coke Nails? ) Bob Ross

6) Long pinky fingernails can be used as a paint brush

Art enthusiasts and creators can harness the potential of their long pinky fingernail, or “coke nail,” transforming it into a delicate, ultra-sharp paintbrush.

Long pinky fingernails can be a great prompt to ultra sharp paint brush as long as you don’t mind getting your fingers dirty.

  • The nail’s hardness and stability provide precision and control, allowing an artist to articulate their vision with a unique touch.
  • It’s fine point is ideal for intricate designs and finessing lines in art. This paintbrush serves as both an expression of identity and a tool for art detailing.
  • Furthermore, the ability to adjust the pressure applied by the nail enables versatility in creating both thin & thick lines, lending a level of dynamism to the artwork.

7) Gotta fresh vinyl that needs opening? Slit that sleeve open via a sharp & long pinky nail

If you’re a vinyl enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the utility of a long pinky nail, or “coke nail”, for opening a brand new vinyl record.

The sharp edge of the nail can be used to delicately slit open the plastic sleeve of a vinyl causing no damage to the record inside. 

It serves as a handy tool that removes the need for scissors or a knife, which might scratch the record.

8) Need a teaspoon of sugar or spice? A fully grown pinky coke nail has the exact quantity of a teaspoon.  

hold a teaspoon of substance, making them convenient for adding small amounts of sugar or spices to recipes.

A well-kept “coke nail” can hold enough sugar for a cup of tea or coffee. It can also add cinnamon or nutmeg to a dish, enhancing the flavor with just the right amount of spice.

However, using a nail as a measuring spoon has its responsibilities. Ensure the nail is thoroughly cleaned for hygiene before and after use.

Additionally, the nail’s curvature and size can differ among individuals, so it might not always hold the exact amount as a standard teaspoon.

Seduce Your Love With A Sensual Scratch

9) Seduce Your Love With A Sensual Scratch

Trying to kink things up a notch? A perfectly manicured, long pinky nail can be used to gently scratch a partner’s skin, creating a unique sensation that can heighten the senses and make the moment more intimate.

This practice harks back to ancient rites of courtship where small, seemingly insignificant gestures could carry significant weight in the game of love.

In Conclusion of Things You Do With Your Long Pinky Fingernail

In conclusion, the long pinky nail, often referred to as the “coke nail,” is not only a symbol of unique personal style but also a handy tool applicable in various aspects of our everyday lives. 

  • Artists can use it as a sensory connection to their work, enabling direct engagement with their medium. 
  • For vinyl enthusiasts, the sharp edge of the nail can be a handy tool to open new records without causing any damage. 
  • In the kitchen, it can act as a makeshift measuring tool for small amounts of sugar or spices, although hygiene and individual nail size should be taken into account. 

The best use for a long pinky nail depends on personal preferences and lifestyle.For those intrigued by the possibilities, check out this guide on growing out your pinky nail. 

Additional Notes From Author

Additional Notes From Author

So you might wonder why I didn’t show any of the things via video? I would have loved to make video examples showing my fleek nail, but unfortunately I cut it off before creating this content. 

It’s one of my biggest regrets since starting GrowFleek and it keeps me up at night… Please don’t make the mistake and try out all these fun tidbits before cutting your nails. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Long Pinky Nails (Coke Nails)

What is the best thing a long pinky nail is for?

The best use for a long pinky nail largely depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle. As we’ve seen, it can act as a paintbrush for artists, a natural lottery ticket scratcher, a handy vinyl record opener, or even a makeshift kitchen measuring tool. Whichever way you choose to use it, a long pinky nail offers surprising functionality in diverse aspects of everyday life.

What hand should I grow my pinky finger out?

The decision on which hand to grow your pinky nail out can differ based on personal preference and cultural norms. However, we generally recommend growing the nail in your right hand.

This is because the right hand is often the one used for shaking hands, and a well-maintained long pinky nail can serve as an interesting conversation starter and a personal style statement.

Additionally, if you’re right-handed, your left hand is probably the one you use for hygiene purposes, so having the long nail on the opposite hand can help maintain cleanliness.

Why should I avoid picking my teeth with my nails?

While a long pinky nail can be incredibly versatile, it’s important to avoid using it in ways that could cause harm or hygiene issues.

For instance, avoid using your nail to pick at your teeth or other areas of your body, as this could introduce bacteria and potentially cause infections. Also, avoid using it in situations where it could easily break or chip, such as opening a can or prying off a lid.

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