Coke Nail Theories
Men in Asia, whether cab drivers or finance workers. Sometimes let their pinky nail grow longer than needed. Why people choose to grow out their pinky nails. We all notice it, but rarely consider its origins.

3 Reasons Why People Grow Out Pinky Nails

It’s something we all notice but never think how it origins. Several men in India – be it cab driver or finance worker. So why do people grow out their pinky nail? 

Occasionally they let their pinky finger nail grow out lengthier than necessary.

Fingernail Theories 

What drives this distinct desire for the long nails on pinky fingers A.K.A. Growing That Prosperity Pinky:

1. One of the more peculiar theories is the nail acts as an organic spoon to scoop up and snort cocaine.

  • This however is extremely improbable, being that millions of men in a developing country with modest resources to develop such an upscale addiction.

2. The second potential argument could be that this extra long fingernail makes it easier to scratch that itch!

  • I’m talking about those hard to reach places like an itchy ear, foot or everything in between.

3. The last reason is the most vain, being that “It looks rich (很贵的)”. This answer is most popular among young Chinese men. Having extra long nails is a subtle sign that you do not have to work with your hands.

  • Long fingernails and performing manual labor are two things that don’t mix. These brittle claws turn into a hindrance and often become broken, splintered, or for a lack of a better word.. mutilated.
Fingernail Theories

Having at least one long nail (Usually Pinkly) historically identifies with the upper class (Bourgeoisie)

This is a symbol of prosperity and luxury for a man.

Understandably so being the least used finger, the pinky fingernail gets grown out for functionality’s sake. 

Long nails, chiefly when they are clean, fleek and not chipped, position a man in the upper echelons of society.

Much like in regions of China, India, & Pakistan where growing out, bedazzling finger nails is an emblem of prestige for both men and women alike.

Prosperity Pinky Finger

Are extra long fingernails that historically show a non-manual laboring job, but a more white collar occupation in academic or managerial roles.

It’s been a means to distinguish these two working classes apart from each other.

Prosperity Pinky Finger

Modern academics and administrative roles rarely enjoy this tradition any more (If At All!), the movement looks to persist with white-collar workers in regions of Asia who still persevere this custom.

Whether it’s the desire to project bougie status, or the inclination to scratch your ear up, or the need for a 24/7 organic key bump ‘drug habit’.

I deem – different strokes for different folks.

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