WTF is
Grow Fleek?

Ever shaken someone’s hand & feel something poking at you – smack dab in the palm? That’s just scratching the surface of Growing Fleek.

Who's Growing Fleek?

Get The Best Bang For Your Bougie...By Simply Growing Fleek

Why Grow Fleek?

Growing is the simple; but getting your pinky pretty takes effort!

Fingernail Growth Timeline - Grow Fleek

It's A Growing Process

Are you that committed? Growing fleek is just 3 steps!


You start by stop cutting your nails

Just like growing out your hair, this process is long and if not taken seriously...Can get gross under the cuticles.

When your nail grows 2-3 centimeters, use nail hardener. Because nothing is worse then chipping your nails.


Grow Them Claws until They Get Long

When those nails grow out fully (Around 15cm), cut them all except one pinky finger. (Wet Your Nails Before Cutting)

Soak your nails in hot water before cutting them for best results.


Finally, You Pretty Up That Pinky Nail

Give that little finger a lot of love via a pedicure. Keep it clean!

Clean your nails while growing them out is by running your hands through your soapy hair. If you’re bold a floofa is an excellent alternative.

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