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Rapid fingernail growth is a combination of diet and diligently avoiding manual labor; but is there a ‘X’ factor at play?

How Fast Can I Grow My Coke Nail?

How Fast Can I Grow Out My Pinky Fingernail?

Did you know that the average fingernail grows at a rate of 3.47 millimeter (mm) every month? To put it another way, that’s about 1/10 of a millimeter per day.

  • So a fully fleek pinky fingernail will take around 4 – 6 weeks to grow.

If you were ever unfortunate enough to lose an entire fingernail, you probably remember the 6 – 8 agonizing months it took to repair itself fully. Luckily healthier nails grow faster!

Contributing Factors For Healthy Fingernail Growth

There are endless reasons your nails grow faster or slower than the average rate that stated above. (3.47 millimeters per month)

The climate your living in effects nail growth

It has been widely observed that nails on your dominant hand grow faster naturally because you use your dominant hand more often.

This is because the constant use increases the risk for injury, like closing your fingers in between a door or misusing workshop tools.

The Journal of Investigative Dermatology explains how this influx of good stuff speed up nail growth. If injury occurs, your body instinctively delivers more blood and nutrients to the bruised nail to help heal it.

The rate of growth also depends on which finger the nail is on. The specific finger also has a role in the rate of recovery for injured fingernails.

Research conducted in 2007 revealed how the pinky nail (little finger) was slower to recuperate than all the other fingernails.

Your Age Plays A Large Factor In Nail Growth

Most people associate being getting old with loosing your hair, but less think about losing bone strength. In 2010, the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology explored the growth rates of fingernails and toenails in active US young adults.

  • Results showed that the average fingernail growth rate was faster than toenail. It also supported the analyses of the little fingernail and toenail grow slowest.
  • The most interesting outcome was the data showing how fingernails are growing faster today compared to past decades.

Your Overall Health & Lifestyle Decisions

Have you tried eating foods to help your hair shine? It might also help your nails grow stronger too. That is because we make both nails and hair from a protein called keratin. 

Healthy Habits For Nail Growth

  •  Responsible supplement intake combined with less artificial preserves in your diet builds strong nails and sleek hair.

Unhealthy Habits For Brittle Nails

  • Irresponsible drug combined with too much junk food leads to nail peeling and greasy split ends.
  • If you’re a smoker, then chances are you’ve experienced a yellow tint on your smoking hand. 
  • Nail biting is another example; albeit less harmful, but way more gross of an unpleasant habit (IMHO).

Biological differences in gender can also affect nail growth as hormones.

An example being how a pregnant woman has the fastest growing nails aside from wolverine himself.

  • This is because of the rapid changes of estrogen, progesterone, and other harder to pronounce essential hormones for baby making.

Other than the miracle of child rearing, puberty is second in being the most uproarious time for hormones to affect nail growth.

Growing Nails Out Fast

You can strength of your nails through practicing basic hygiene. Here is a starting point on keeping those nails on point.

Self-Care Best Practices

  • Having a pair of sharp manicure clippers or scissors on straight cuts and round tip scissors on side cuts of your nails.
  • Ensuring that your nails sterile and dry, this limits bacteria from thriving underneath them.
  • Keeping your hands hydrated via moisturizing cream, ensure that you’re rubbing it into your fingernails, especially around the cuticles.

How To Naturally Grow Out Fingernails Faster?

Researching for Growfleek shows they’re not much scientifically proven ways to spike nail growth rate. There are, however, a few natural ways to enhance the health of fingernails.

Our adopted techniques might strengthen your pinky fingernail and prevent it from cracking, granting them to linger on longer:

Try Adding Biotin Into Your Diet

The 2010 Study discussed earlier found that enrolling Vitamin B7 (Biotin) into your supplement routine can help with nail health and treat even nail disorders.

Some other vitamins that help grow strong nails, but not to the extent of Biotin include the following:

  1. Other B Vitamins
  2. Iron
  3. Magnesium
  4. Protein
  5. Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  6. Vitamin C
  7. Zinc

Try Not To Pick Your Cuticles

Probably the number one reason your damaging your cuticles is from biting or picking at your nails. Knocking this habit is hard but think of how gross you look every time you do it for now on.

Staying Clear Of Toxic Polishes Like Nail Glue

It’s safe to say that these colorful chemicals are seeping into cuticles. Instead, stick to using water-based and nontoxic types of nail polish.

Just A Light Layer Of Nail-Hardener

This type of polish will act as an armor coating for your nails and lessen the chances of cracks. Continuous use however can actually compromise the integrity of your nail’s strength according to experts.

Use A File To Keep Them Nails Clean ( Not Your Other Hand!)

 When you stop poking up your cuticles, it keeps them from snagging or tearing up like barbwire.

Keep Your Nails Dry & Cosmetic Tools Sterile

 Avoid wearing wet gloves for too long because those damp conditions increase rate of fungal growth.

Daily grooming should be nearly an instinct if you’re serious about growing fleek.

Remember to clean your cosmetic tools after cuticle trimming (self-care).

What are signs of unhealthy nails?

Poor diet and lifestyle can lead to fingernails that grow in strange ways, such as:

  • Brittle and obtuse shaped nails
  • Cuticles crack and bleed
  • Pain and swelling around the cuticles
  • There is an estrangement from the nail and its surrounding cuticle
  • Nails color change from their natural hue
  • Nails grow slower than average

The Reality Of Growing Your Pinky Nails Fast

Basically, everything affects fingernail growth. The season of year, your year of birth, and even the supplements you take all play a factor in growing fleek.

The large part of it is out of your control, so the place that makes a difference like self-care are the fastest ways to grow out your pinky nail.


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