10 Mistakes I Made Growing Out My Pinky Nail
Not seeing any progress in reviving your fleekless pinky nails? Ensure that your nail nurturing habits aren’t inadverte’ journey. Avoid common mistakes that hinder pinky 'coke nail' growth.

10 Mistakes I Made Growing Out My Pinky Nail

Attempting to bring those finger nails back from the dead, but aren’t seeing progress? 

Make sure you’re not unknowingly hurting your nail growth with these common bad habits and oversights.

10 Mistakes I Made Growing Out My Pinky Nail | Growing Fleek?

Fingernail Growing Mistake #1

Naughty Diet = Not So Nice Nails (or Cuticles)

They say that your eyes are the windows to the soul. If that’s true, then your nails are the windows to your physical well-being.

These parts of your fingers can tip you off on vitamin, mineral, and other dietary deficiencies.

So when your nails are strong and vibrant looking, your fingernails are a visible sign that you’re doing something right.

If you’re really serious about growing fleek, we recommend avoiding sugary drinks like cocktails fruit juice, or soda.

Instead, your first drink of the day should water with Himalaya salt or veggie-greens powder. Spinach or other deep green veggies can offer better results for nail growth.

Not Using Hand Cream

Fingernail Growing Mistake #2

Starting The Day Dehydrated or Forgetting To Hydrate Your Hands

It’s not just about drinking the morning cup of salt water. It’s also about keeping your fingertips by moisturizing multiples times a day.

If you got the time? Applying cuticle oil works tremendously on those nail beds.

Start by applying cuticle oil once per day!

  • If your nails still show signs of cracking than bump it up to three times a day; like with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Are you not getting the results you want? (STILL!)

Try some biotin or one of these other seven supplements to boost your nail growing process. Healthy living will give your body the essentials needed to create keratin for stronger nails.

  • One 1993 study found people who added biotin supplements into their diets had 25% thicker nail beds.

Putting Too Much Strain On Your Nails

Fingernail Growing Mistake #3

Doing heavy lifting activities (In Terms Of Fingertips) like opening a canned beverage, zipping up your pants, or making your bed too quickly can damage long pointy fingernails.

Be sure you’re using your fingers conscientiously and not putting all the heavy lifting on your fingernails.

Nails can crack into two easily, so avoid grabbing stuff with your fingertips being the first point of contact.


Covering Your Nails With Too Much Acetone Removers

Fingernail Growing Mistake #4

It’s pretty obvious by the smell that this stuff probably not directly applied to your skin.

Too much of it on your fingernails is no good, too!

The chemicals in the solvent of acetone removers will dry out your fingernails & skin as it takes off the nail polish.

We recommend using nail polish removers that are non-acetone.

Some natural formulas actually help strengthen fingernails with antioxidants and provide vitamins of cuticles.

Avoiding Base Coats

Fingernail Growing Mistake #5

Base coats offer a variety of uses, like making them polish easier to peel off, or even strengthening them.

Sometimes, they can interfere with your fingernails’ aesthetics. Like when nails polished gets applied without the proper basecoat may stain the nail with its color even after we remove the paint.


Filling Down Your Nails Too Vertically

Fingernail Growing Mistake #6

Fleek Tip: You don’t need to use back-and-forth motions while filing your nails.

This sawing-like gesture can lead to keratin layers in your nails to split or even cause a hang nail.

We recommend moving the nail filer in a single direction when shaping your nails.

There is no need to file in a vertical saw like motion unless you are filing down the corner of your nails.

Biting Your Nails Instead Of Cutting

Fingernail Growing Mistake #7

This mistakes spoke for itself. Don’t Be Like Frodo from The Lord of The Rings, cut them like a respectable modern person.

Clipping Your Fingernails “straight-on”

Fingernail Growing Mistake #8

Since your nails have a natural curve, cutting them straight-on should can damage your fingertips, and should be avoided. It’s best practice to cut your nails from either side. Use a nail-clipper with a curve for best results.

Not Taking Long Enough Breaks Between Manicures

Fingernail Growing Mistake #9

Just because your nails are chip-free and coated with clean-polish/products does not warrant using the same shade of polish for over 21 days.

Using Nail Polish Made With Harmful Chemicals

It’s pretty obvious after catching a whiff of this stuff that the ingredients in your nail polish are toxic.

  • Believe or not; Formaldehyde is a chemical found in the concoction used to embalm dead people and nail polish.

Mistakes Stopping You From Healthy Growing

Fingernail Growing Mistake #10

These are mistakes I made in the pursuit of growing out a beautiful pinky nail. Listed in no particular order, so they are all important!

  1. Bad Dieting (Too Much Junk Food = Bad Cuticles)
  2. Not Using Enough Moisturizing Cream
  3. Putting Too Much Strain On Fingernails
  4. Using Too Much Acetone Remover
  5. Overdoing The Base Coat
  6. Bad Filling Techniques
  7. Biting Nails Hurts The Natural Growth Process
  8. Clipping Nails Straight Instead Of On A Curve
  9. Not Taking Long Enough Breaks Between Manicures

Whether you’re trying to repair frail and brittle fingertips or just desiring to make them grow stronger, longer, and overall more fleek.


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